IPHONE 14 decided not possible to manufacture in India

IPHONE 14 is not possible to manufacture in India, Bloomberg reported that Apple intends to manufacture the iPhone 14 not only in China but also in neighboring India. However, they decided to start production two months after the Chinese-made iPhone 14 went on sale. Manufacturers of Apple products want to expand production in India.

Apple has Fri made things in China. Now, there are tensions between the two countries between the US and China, as well as the fact that there is still a covid download in China. Therefore, in addition to China, production is planned in other countries as well. iPhone assembler Foxconn has considered sourcing parts from China and assembling the iPhone 14 at its factory near Chennai, India.

Apple and Foxconn have decided that it is not yet possible to start production in China and India at the same time this year. However, it is set as a long-term goal that will be implemented sometime if not sooner. Therefore, after the Made in China iPhone 14 is released first, the Made in India iPhone 14 will come to the market.

Made in China iPhone 14 will hit the market in September. The earliest batch of Made in India iPhone 14 will hit the market in late October or early November. Meeting production and technical requirements on time is a big challenge for India.

The iPhone manufacturing process involves coordination between hundreds of suppliers for the various materials that go into the phone and Apple’s strict quality control.

In addition, it is Apple’s iron rule to keep the iPhone secret. When parts are imported from China to be assembled in India, customs officials often open the packages to check that the goods match the goods declarations. Therefore, it is almost certain that there will be a leak in the customs department.