Safety technologies included in KIA

KIA, based in South Korea, is a world-famous brand that successfully manufactures a variety of vehicles with high quality and innovative beauty. KIA models have trendy designs; Having a lot of technical content; Mainly using only high quality materials; Durable and reliable having body composition and safety systems; They are complete with factors such as having a particularly high-performance engine system. Among those features is its latest companion technology (security technologies) will be presented and written.

KIA is a brand that pays a lot of attention to the safety aspect of its cars, and the model lineup has security priority systems, driver assistance technologies; Advanced technology Security measures have been fully integrated. You will see KIA’s safety tech, which is beautiful and mysterious, as follows.(1) Heads-up Display KIA’s HUD system will display excellent graphics and perfectly display driving-related information and other related points. Specifically Due to the HUD setting that corresponds to the angle position of the driver’s face, which is straight ahead, the data that the driver wants to know is conveniently available without other distractions.

will be able to view (2) Around View Monitor System KIA’s surround view camera system AVMS is a system that uses 4 cameras installed around the vehicle to provide the best views for parking usage. (3) Lane Keeping Assist System KIA’s Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) system uses Front Facing Cameras installed in the front area of ​​the vehicle to provide real time traffic data. will be captured and continuously sent to the control system of the vehicle. If any danger is detected, with warnings (sound, light) to the driver A position that will make the steering safe and secure. Will steer to speed. Similarly, if the driver is careless and the traffic has changed, to the original traffic Will change immediately.

(4) Driver Attention Alert System (DAAS) KIA’s DAAS system is a system that detects the driver’s position through sensors in the car, and if the driver is distracted, Or if you find them to be drowsy Pop-up message warning sound to the driver to stop the vehicle; or will warn you to use the brake.(5) Blind Spot Detection System KIA’s BSDS system is a driver assistance system that detects other vehicles/objects coming from blind spots when changing lanes. It is a driver warning system.

(6) Navigation System KIA’s Navigation System is based on UVO Service and will provide a wide range of information for the user and different Multimedia Devices. will be able to control. The system has functions that will make driving convenient. These are DIS Navigation and Juke Box. DIS Navigation features an Intel Atom Processor and SSD Storage, and uses a 9.2 inch wide screen to control interface functions and other navigation displays. This function transfers Music/Video/Images stored in USB Flash Memory to the Embedded Memory and can be viewed through it. In addition, using Grace Note’s data, music, The details of the image will also be displayed. (7) NVH Noise and vibration are things that bother drivers a lot. Therefore, KIA sounds like that.

An NVH system has been developed to prevent vibration. KIA’s NVH system has a function that minimizes the noise/vibration that always occurs while driving, such as road noise and tire noise. It will also effectively reduce engine noise and vibration, which are particularly loud. Similarly, sound-absorbing material is added above the tire and road Installing Sound Absorbing Carpets that absorb noise; Installing external features such as specially designed mirrors to reduce side wind noise They are included in the NVH system.

(8) Active Noise Control KIA’s ANC system is the Frequency that comes from the Cabin Area in the car. sound , Other vibrations and unwanted noise from the sound box. Arranged to minimize vibrations system. The ANC system has doors that will cause sound in the car’s interior. signal lights, Warning sounds etc. will be specially planned and designed to turn into pleasant sounds. In addition, the sound of the engine is not disturbed and the normal sound for comfort. They will create a sporty engine sound and a particularly quiet engine sound Can be connected to the transmission.