Chinese game industry says it does not receive money from interns

Chinese game industry says it does not receive money from interns 14 interns were recruited for the training program, and each one selected to be employed was paid 3 salaries of US$2,661. It’s a 3-month training program in which interns will produce a video game as a team. Perfect World, listed on the stock exchange in Shenzhen, China’s tech capital, denied that it did not practice “pay to work“.

Its subsidiary Perfect World Education said that it only recruited those who wanted to attend a training program that 14 people could attend. In the course, “co-develop a multi-gamer survival video game” they must create a survival video game together that not one person wants to play together. Each person selected to attend the course must pay 27,800 yuan, and the duration of the course is 3 months.

Perfect World Education only recruits in-house trainees and does not allow applications from outside, Perfect World said. In China’s domestic IT staff market, those who have graduated and have no work experience; They only work as apprentices for the freshers who don’t understand the job yet. Vacancies for internships are few and there are many graduates who apply for internships, so there are people who pay money to become interns.

They are more likely to get a job after an apprenticeship, so they have to bear this cost. Although there is no custom in companies to take money for hiring interns, the people who have taken positions in the company are corrupt and take money. Social media and gaming giant Tencent Holdings announced in January that it had fired five employees for taking money from a job search agency instead of hiring interns.