Xiaomi CEO explains about long battery life

Xiaomi CEO explains about long battery life Earlier this month, Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi 12S series to the world. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra gained popularity by adding a camera that was enough for everyone to see. The camera combines Leica’s high-quality optical lenses with software solutions, resulting in an excellent camera.

Xiaomi revealed that the camera was jointly developed by Xiaomi and Leica. Xiaomi 12S Ultra is praised for its powerful camera and long battery life. Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun also explained the reasons for the smartphone’s long battery life. “Xiaomi 12S Ultra battery life is very strong and Xiaomi is also proud of its self-developed chips,” wrote Lei Jun.

For the battery, he said that Xiaomi made Xiaomi Pengpai P1 (Surge P1) and Xiaomi Pengpai G1 (Surge G1). He said that the battery management system used in electric vehicles has been used in mobile smartphones. Therefore, there are mainly three benefits. Accurate estimation of charging rate and battery life; Improving battery disaster prevention and battery damage prevention; Improving battery life.

For the “Xiaomi Surging Battery Management System“, 2 types of chips Surge P1 and Surge S1 were produced. Xiaomi Surge G1 is for battery management. Xiaomi Surge P1 is a fast charging chip. These 2 chips improve battery life and efficient charging.