Comparison of automatic transmission and manual transmission

An automatic gearbox is a type of gearbox that is commonly used in modern cars. The gearbox was invented by Alfred Horner in 1921, and was used in US cars after 1923. The manual gearbox that will be compared to him is the same one used by Hua Pawei Thani.

The history of the car was released with a manual gearbox. Early car gearboxes did not have a reverse gear. But later it was refreshed and back gear was installed. In today’s upgraded cars, the back gear has two modes, High Reverse or Low Reverse, depending on the torque of the engine. I won’t talk about that part here, I’ll just focus on some of the differences between auto and manual.

The automatic gearbox is usually only paired with a gasoline engine, and the way it is used is very simple. The main thing is the low fuel consumption rate. But the main thing that users like is the comfort of driving. I have asked a customer who actually uses it. His main answer is that in the long run, driving a manual will hurt your knees, back, etc. But Auto can avoid these troubles and make you feel comfortable. The fuel consumption rate is not very clear.

But in terms of theory and practical comparison, automatic transmission saves fuel and is economical. A manual gearbox, as many of you know, is driven like an automatic with a clutch, so pressing the clutch makes it a chore to shift gears. But many people like the manual. The real driving feel is like driving a manual car. I have read the manual along with the diesel. But it is still used together with gasoline.

Large cars usually come with manual diesel. However, in recent years, high-end gearboxes have been used in conjunction with large cars. Mechanics say Escot Transmission is a gearbox that combines manual and electronic computer technology. Automatic transmission and manual transmission compared Auto is fuel efficient, Auto is slightly lighter than manual, Driving is easy and safe. Auto is complicated and tedious to repair manually. Auto is more popular than Manual because it is easy to use.

In terms of maintenance, Auto is more expensive than Manual. The internal instrumentation in both gearboxes is complex. The manual includes a clutch, while the auto includes a torque converter instead of a clutch. The shaft power of the whole car is only increased by the Coverter. In the manual, most of the gears used in the main set are Helical / Spur gears, and there are many gears. Although it is controlled through the Synchronizer, in Auto, most of the gears in the Planet gear set and clutch plates are controlled.

The one with many gear calculations is manual. In manual, only the person controls the gear between the gears. In auto, the speed change system is controlled by the valve body, oil pressure, and according to the condition of the vehicle. Auto includes electrical parts, but manual does not. Later on, the manual also has separate wiring sections for the sensors.

Auto includes a Transmission Control Unit called TCU / TMS. In manual mode, you feel the driving feel of clutch pedaling, but in auto mode, you have the same feeling. Shift knob is included, but you won’t feel it fully.