Bosch IBooster ( Or ) modern electric brake technology

Let me share about the Braking Booster Actuator newly created and introduced by Bosch for electric cars. Germany’s famous Bosch has started to create a kind of equipment that will help the Braking system for the US Electric Car Company (Tesla) even before 2005. It was mainly produced with the purpose of improving brake power for luxury cars such as hybrid cars and electric cars. The goal of developing this iBooster is Safety. Braking power It’s just for comfortable… It has a control unit called ECU, and it can be roughly called an actuator… It mainly has a master cylinder that works with hydraulic oil.

There will be an oil tank, then there will be a sensor called Pedal Travel Sensor that senses the distance of the pedal shaft when you step on it. In the Actuator, there will be a Two Stage Gear Unit that plays Forward and Reverse. Then there will be an EC motor that works the Gear… The most important thing will be the Brake Pedal Shaft, which is attached to the pedal and the input rod.

His model is an Intelligent Braking System like ECA (Electronic Clutch Actuator) which is common in automated transmissions… Petrol cars will have an acceleration pedal. There will be a brake pedal…. Manual will have a clutch pedal… In this system, there will be an acceleration pedal. With the brake pedal, the braking system uses a specially created intelligent system, so it’s safe for safety.

The control unit will sense the power without being soft to pedal… and will control the pedal shaft. I haven’t seen Bosch iBooster used in ordinary cars yet…. They say they use it in Hybird cars, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Currently, Tesla’s Model S uses iBooster. These Intelligent Brakes are especially necessary in high model cars, especially in Electric cars, their speed and freedom are better than Engine cars… No Fuel, Because it is no emission, it has less impact on the natural environment…iBooster is used in these luxury cars…as it is an innovative technology, it can be included in later cars.

The meaning of iBooster is to boost the brake power. I’m more stubborn than I am… Brake is not me. Pedaling is over… If you step on the brake slowly, the brake will be especially relieved, and it will make you feel comfortable when you step on the brake. The only problem is that it is a system controlled by the ECU… iBooster Malfunction appears on the Dashboard.. By the way, ABS is in this system… He replaced the Brake Pedal with an Intelligent Actuator for better braking power than before.