Wingtech, a MacBook manufacturer in Kunming, Yunnan Province

Wingtech, a MacBook manufacturer in Kunming, Yunnan Province Wingtech’s rapid rise in China’s tech scene is astonishingly fast. O-Film Technology, a maker of electronic components, has cut off its supply to Apple, saying Apple enslaved the Uighurs. Wingtech has acquired subsidiaries of O-Film Technology. Then Wingtech worked as a supplier to Apple. Wingtech can meet Apple’s strict quality controls. Received a contract from Apple to assemble and manufacture Apple’s Mac Mini desktop computer. Apple recently won a contract to manufacture the older MacBook at its assembly plant in Kunming, Yunnan Province.

An executive from another Apple supplier told Nikkei Asia media, “Wingtech is one of the few Chinese suppliers praised by Apple for its rapid technological development. Wingtech is an emerging industry that we should not ignore.” MacBooks are the highest-end notebook, and Taiwanese contract manufacturing leaders Quanta Computer and Foxconn have long dominated MacBook assembly production. Taiwanese assemblers Compal Computer and Wistron have been assembling laptops for HP, Dell, and Lenovo for a long time, but they never got a contract for Apple’s flagship laptop.

Wingtech is Samsung; It manufactures laptops for Lenovo and Asustek Computer. Wingtech won a contract from Apple in mid-June to manufacture the MacBook Air, which uses the new M2 chip, DigiTimes Asia. reported. Wingtech is building a large factory in Kunming in order to increase the production of products for Apple in the future. The factory will employ 15,000 to 20,000 workers. Expanding to that extent is believed to be the only way to get a contract from Apple. Wingtech’s current factory in Kunming is the size of eighty football fields.

The factory is assembling and manufacturing Chinese smartphones including Vivo and Oppo. The cost of the expansion project is around $437 million. Now, as you can see in the picture, it is still under construction. Wingtech bought companies overseas to acquire the manufacturing expertise needed by American tech giant Apple. Acquired chip business Nexperia in 2019.

In 2021, it acquired one of the UK’s largest chip factories through Nexperia. Wingtech buys 4 subsidiaries from O-Film Technology, which used to supply materials to Apple. Purchased to acquire expertise in building optical components and cameras. Guangdong, China via Nexperia a chip packaging plant in the Philippines and Malaysia; Wingtech owns the chip testing facility. Equipment and parts manufacturing facilities are also located in China. Located in India and Indonesia. Based in Kunming, Wingtech continues to grow at a rapid pace.