Some of China’s iPhone iPad MacBook production has stopped

Some of China’s iPhone iPad MacBook production has stopped In China, due to the strictness of the Covid-19 program, some companies that supply products to Apple have stopped working. iPhone assembler Pegatron has suspended two production sites in Shanghai due to the shutdown imposed by the authorities. The Stock Exchange reported that the factory located in Guangxi was also shut down due to the shutdown. Pegatron has 3 factories used for iPhone production, and all 3 have been shut down due to shutdowns. Pegatron has a new factory in India for iPhone production, but it is yet to start operations.

Pegatron produces 20 to 30% of Apple’s annual iPhone production. Quanta, one of the largest contract manufacturers of notebooks, is also the main manufacturer of Apple’s MacBook. Its manufacturing plant located in Shanghai has been shut down due to the shutdown. Quanta’s contract manufacturing brands include Dell and HP, and 20% of its factory capacity in Shanghai has now been discontinued. Compal Electronics, an iPad and notebook manufacturer, has a factory located in Guangzhou.

Technical equipment from Shanghai; Since April 2, 2022, all Internet-related product manufacturing businesses have been shut down due to the shutdown. BizLink, Unimicron, Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board are also included. According to a survey conducted by the Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission, a total of 161 companies listed in Taiwan are being downloaded from China. Most of them are manufacturers of various electronic products. Shanghai and Guangzhou are the largest centers for the production of various electronic products.

Various electronic equipment manufacturing companies operating in Suzhou are also down. Luxshare Precision Industry, an iPhone assembly and manufacturing company, is known as Luxshare-ICT. It has only one factory and it is located in Guanshan, but the factory is closed and operating despite the lockdown. The workers have to live and work inside the factory instead of going home. If the remaining materials to be installed are used up, the work must be stopped.