Only 946 solar-powered electric cars will be produced without charging

Only 946 solar-powered electric cars will be produced without charging It is said that the production of a solar-powered electric car that will be able to drive for months without charging the battery will begin soon. The electric car named Lightyear One is designed in the Netherlands. The prototype car is being test driven in Italy. In theory, Lightyear One could run for months without charging the battery, the automaker said.

The car is equipped with a solar panel and receives solar energy, so the 60kWh battery installed in the car is powered. The solar panels mounted on the top surface of Lightyear One have an area of ​​4 square meters. front cover the roof There are solar panels on the back cover. One hour of power can drive the car up to 12 kilometers. So, if you charge it for 8 hours on a sunny day, you can drive 96 kilometers. It is enough travel for a day’s travel in the city. On an overcast day, Lightyear One is capable of charging for 40 kilometers of travel.

A fixed speed of 130 km/h (81 mph) can drive up to 400 km on a full charge. It is said that the 60kWh in the car can drive up to 725 km in normal driving. In the current test drive, if you drive at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, the battery consumes 14.1 kWh. Normal driving consumes only 8.3kWh. If the weight of the vehicle is high, the battery consumes more power, so the vehicle is designed to be light.

The body of the car is built with lightweight aluminum metal and carbon fiber, and the vehicle weighs only 1,315 kg. The fuselage is designed in the shape of a ‘teardrop’ to save battery power if the aerodynamics are good. The drag coefficient is only 0.20cd. The drag coefficient of Mercedes-Benz’s new EQS electric car, which is the most aerodynamic, is 0.20cd. A motor is placed for each wheel. The 4 motors have a total power of 101kW and a torque of 1200Nm.

The sedan, which can seat up to 5 people, can accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 10 seconds. Lightyear One was designed in the Netherlands and tested in Italy. The mass production plant is located in Feland. It will be sold in Europe first. It is expected that the car will be available to pre-order buyers around mid-2022. The price is 150,000 euros. Only 946 cars will be produced.