High-tech cars dominate the CES 2022 show

High-tech cars dominate the CES 2022 show At the Consumer Electronics Show-CES, an annual consumer electronics exhibition held in Las Vegas, USA, new items such as TVs, video games, etc. were displayed, and high-tech cars were also displayed.This year’s exhibition CES 2022 was the highest level of interest in cars.

Vietnam and Turkey, which entered the vehicle manufacturing sector later, also participated. All of the cars on display at this year’s CES are pure electric cars. GM’s Silverado General Motors (GM)’s Chevrolet Silverado EV will go on sale in 2023. GM’s best-selling car model will be produced as an electric car without an engine and installed with batteries. 664 horsepower It can produce up to 780 pound-feet of torque.

2024 Silverado EV RST

An important factor in driving people to switch to electric cars instead of gas-powered cars is how far the Creta can go on a full charge. The Mercedes-Benz EQXX can travel up to 625 miles on a single charge. The battery used is half the size of the battery used in the recently launched Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan and weighs 30% less. Airflow comeback Chrysler, which produced up to 12 models in the past, now only produces 2 models.

Europe: Stellantis, which owns 14 American car brands, owns Chrysler. Chrysler debuts an EV called the Airflow. The name of the model that was born in 1934 has been used again and again. As Chrysler’s first EV, it is scheduled to be produced in 2025. From 2028, it is said that only electric cars will be produced. VinFast V7 Vietnam’s VinFast will enter the US market with 2 EV SUV models VinFast, a Vietnamese car company that has recently entered the world of new-generation EVs, has exhibited at CES 2022. Last November, it debuted 2 EV SUV models, and now CES 2022 is showing 3 more models.

The plan is to sell the car in the US market. Batteries are not sold. He said he would rent the battery. Another newcomer at CES 2022 is Turkey’s Togg. A high-tech sedan model was shown. At CES 2022, Sony showed 2 Vision-S EV SUV models. Myanmar Automobile Guide published a news article.

Sony introduced 2 electric cars Car interior screens The cars on display at CES 2020 are equipped with video display screens inside. Sony’s EV has up to 7. The BMW iX SUV EV is equipped with a display screen for passengers to watch Netflix. “Netflix and Chill,” he proclaimed. 31 inch screen panorama display on the ceiling 5G connection; 8k smart TV.