Honda gets a patent for an electric motorcycle with a brake

Honda has registered a patent for an electric motorcycle design with a tail shield. We don’t know exactly why the bike is equipped with a shield, but we have a chance to know how it will be installed from the patented design. Some experts have considered that the statements in the patent filings do not reflect the actual situation, even though they state the intentions of the filing. There is a box on the tail of the bike, which is normally closed.

If you don’t know about it, you must think that there is a big box to put things on the back of the bike. When working, the lid will open. The disk inside will fly up. I will fly by spreading the folded propeller house. That book is smart. It can fly on its own. He can land on his own. When the bike is going, the driver goes to the front of the bike and takes a position. It will fly as a vantage point. When it’s time to reset, it will return to the rear of the motorcycle on its own.

I will fold the fan housing and stretch it into the box and take it into place. So the person driving the motorcycle is not distracted because of the shoulder. He will only take care of driving the bike. Ignore the disc. The bike can be recorded with a camera while flying somewhere high in the air. If that is the only thing, if a motorcycle is equipped with a shield, it would be a meaningless operation for a leading motorcycle company like Honda. For those who buy and ride an electric motorcycle, they will not choose to pay a higher price to buy a motorcycle.

According to the documents submitted by the patent application, the court has other responsibilities. Since the motorcycle is an electric motorcycle, it needs to be charged before the battery runs out. If you can’t find a place to charge nearby, If you can’t afford the long charging time, Honda has arranged for you to replace the already charged battery. The battery can be easily removed. A fully charged battery can be installed easily. So I’ll send the drone to pick up a fully charged battery. I will ask you to send the battery to the charger when it is about to run out of power. However, with current battery technology, it will be difficult.

The Zero FXS motorcycle has two interchangeable batteries. 3.6 kilowatt batteries. It weighs 42 pounds (19 kg). So, a 1 foot less than 42 pounds of weight cannot be transported. So, lightweight motorcycle batteries will need to emerge. Because the technology is developing gradually, it will be possible to use batteries for light bikes sooner or later.

Honda has also proposed another case where the disc will be used. It is the responsibility of scouting the situation of the few vehicles that are happening on the road. The patent registered motorcycle is a type of motorcycle that can be driven at high speed. Dragons can’t fly faster than that motorcycle. But in city traffic where vehicles are congested, the motorcycle will not be able to catch up with the driver. So, if you know what’s going to happen ahead of you, you can choose a different route if you want to avoid it.

It may be difficult for cars to change the route. The bike will be easy because you can drive between the cars. Another way to use it, Honda has proposed, is to use the fans on the chassis to pump in hot air if needed. When the motorcycle’s motor and battery heat up, the fans will suck in the hot air and blow it to the back of the bike. Unheated air from the environment will enter the motor and battery and get heat.

It was absorbed by the car and had to be dumped on the back of the bike. In other words, an air current is created and the motor and battery are cooled by air. One thing to think about is that some of these uses are listed in the document for Honda to register a patent. In practice, you will want to use it that way. At the moment, Honda may have a trump card in its hand, devising ways to use it that it doesn’t want to be known about.