An E-VTOL spaceship that seems to have been built with alien technology

If some people in the world could foresee the future of the world, the world would be quite confusing for those people. However, if we look forward to the days that will come before the age of technology and devices, we will be able to see the interesting things like the old science movies in our world. Now, Tesla has produced an E-VTOL space plane, and the plane is a collaboration with aliens from Area 51 and has been developed with alien technology. We have seen modern VTOLs flying all over the world, and we have also seen SkyDrive from Japan.

All of these things that we have seen are things that we will see in the future. Not only has Tesla always kept its brand up to date, but it has always produced modern designs. Now, if you look at Tesla’s Model V design and paint, you can see that the VTOLs space plane is quite scientific. by force Realizing dreams based on hard work. Again, there is a reason why this is implemented.

The design of the space shuttle is the brainchild of Tom Abbot-Davies, an industrial designer from England, and according to him, “I didn’t need to find another name for the space shuttle,” said Davies. It took 3 years for the entire space shuttle project, from when the project started, when will it be finished?

How soon will it be finished? He said that he didn’t know that there was still a lot to do. In addition, Tom Abbot-Davies was in the team to know how to do things, and he knew how to go with the technology. In fact, the design of this spacecraft was based on the ideas of Tesla. Therefore, the spacecraft is equipped with electrical chargers, a large lithium battery, and the entire headroom is kept in the front.

The design of the vehicle is the body image of a large manta ray. If the aliens really set foot on Earth, we would think that this is the aircraft they would make. The design of the vehicle is designed to increase the speed of high-tech aircraft. The outer skin of the aircraft is made of titanium metal, and the rear of the aircraft uses carbon fibers.

The space plane has a headroom that a human can sit in. However, they have to expand the headroom to make it as wide as normal airplanes. In addition, on each side of the head room, two large turbos will be installed, as used in ordinary airplanes, and the tooth plate of these turbos is made of titanium and has 650KW. At the rear of the aircraft, a 1250KW turbo is installed, and the entire vehicle is controlled at 360 degrees.

The main parts of the aircraft are designed under magnesium metal, and the landing gear is built under magnesium. In terms of the safety of this vehicle, one motor failed, but the Distributed Electric Propulsion was turned on and the aircraft was able to reduce energy and land on the ground. What we can’t say is what sci-fi movie this spaceship is from, but if you look closely at Abbot’s work, it’s on TV right after he’s invented it, and now this E-VTOL vehicle will be in Earth and planetary warfare movies before too long.