EPS (Electronic Power Steering) system installed on Toyota Crown and Toyota Mark X

The 2004 model Toyota Crown and Toyota Mark X cars have changed from the system that can easily control the steering using the power hydraulic oil pressure, which is said to be the power steering installed in the previous model cars, to the system that can control the steering light and easy using the electronic motor…. When the driver turns the steering wheel, the Assist Motor system operates almost simultaneously and supports the driver’s steering wheel to make it lighter and easier.

In this system, the Steering Assist Motor is installed on the steering rack that connects the two front wheels. The Torsion Bar, which is connected to the Steering Column and goes down, and the Torque Sensing Device (steering torque sensor) is connected to the Steering Rack earlier. The Steering Rack and the Steering Assist Motor installed on the rack are installed at the lower part of the vehicle, so if you drive through water that is about one and a half feet deep, you may get into the water.

If the P/S lights appear on the dashboard while driving through such water, that is for sure. Water enters the Steering Assist Motor. If the P/S light comes on and the steering wheel suddenly drops, it will need to be repaired as soon as possible at a nearby workshop. When checked with a diagnostic scanner, it produces a DTC code number C1555 Motor Relay Welded or something similar.

Water entered the Steering Assist Motor and the EPS Control Module’s Fail-Safe Relay cut off the system. Article ads What needs to be repaired is to remove the steering rack and all the parts and dry the water inside first. After that, re-install the Steering Assist Motor and coil circuits, if there is no short circuit, the parts are OK. After OK, you will need to run the Diagnostic Scanner and EPS Torque Sensor Calibration program.