Production of the solar-powered Lightyear 0 electric car will begin in the fall

Dutch company Lightyear has announced that it will begin production of an electric car equipped with solar panels this fall. Lightyear 0 car has a roof, The back and front covers are equipped with solar panels, and it will be released in Europe in November at the earliest.

It can drive up to 388 miles on a single charge, and an additional 44 miles per day on solar power. That’s more driving range than the Tesla Model 3 (374 miles) electric car. With one hour of sunlight, the battery will be able to drive 6 miles. It will be able to use solar energy, so it will be convenient for long-distance driving. Spain In warm countries like Portugal (if you travel less than 22 miles per day) you can drive without charging for up to 7 months.

In cloudy countries like the Netherlands, you will need to charge it every 2 months. It has a strong aerodynamic design and is equipped with 4 motor-combined wheels and the small battery makes the car lighter. It can drive up to a top speed of 100 mph, and it takes 10 seconds to reach 100 mph from ignition on. But for the first 946 cars to be produced, one will cost 262,000 US dollars, and the price will be high.

This is more expensive than a Ferrari Roma and more than 4 times more expensive than a Tesla Model 3 (around US$50,000). However, Lightyear Two, which is planned to be produced in 2025, is expected to be produced and sold for US$31215.