A 22-year-old daughter who is building schools with 3D printing technology to make the world a better place

“Education is the main source of solutions to the problems the world is facing today, from infectious diseases to poverty alleviation.” . .. This was said by McGraw, CEO of Thinking Huts, a non-profit organization that builds schools using 3D printing technology. McGraw first heard about 3D printing technology 7 years ago and was so interested that he asked his adoptive father about it. After that, he came up with the idea to use 3D printing technology to build schools in African countries that are losing access to education. McGraw was just 15 when she founded the nonprofit Thinking Huts.

McGraw was born in a small, poor village in southern China, and came to the United States when her daughter was adopted by an American couple when she was 18 months old. Looking back on his childhood, he sympathized with poor Africans. He also understood well that education is the place between 2 opposites: poverty and abundance of job opportunities. That’s why I planned to build a school using 3D printing technology in the African island country of Madagascar.

The world’s first school built using 3D printing technology is in Malawi. It was built by 14Trees, a low-cost housing construction company in Africa. Half of the walls of the school were completed before the break of the day, and the printing time to build the school took only 18 hours. But when the entire wall was finished, it took 3 weeks to dry. The cost of the school is 300,000 US dollars, but if another school is built, the cost will be lower. The main advantage of 3D printing technology is that it can save time and reduce labor and material requirements.

he school built by Thinking Huts will be able to educate 30 students, and next year McGraw plans to build another school in another part of Madagascar.” We have to raise the capacity of the next generation to be better than us. “The next generation will be smarter if we all work together to start providing access to education,said McGraw. McGraw-Hill is currently only 22 years old, but his actions and words testify that he is mature beyond his years. In an interview, McGraw-Hill once said, “I’d rather live in a world where people support each other than a world that furthers divisions.”