Smarter cars of the future

The cars of the future will be safer because they will be connected to each other through wireless communication technology. The environment will be cleaner; Traveling by car They will be safe from the trouble of sitting and waiting. Therefore, in order for future smart cars to emerge quickly, it will be necessary for all sides to make an all-out effort.

Since Henry Ford over a hundred years ago, when he produced cheap cars in a short period of time and in large numbers, cars have brought many benefits to mankind. Cars helped countries grow faster. It also helped the entire social organization to move quickly. It also brought many new forms of happiness to people. For such reasons, humans have eagerly embraced cars. As a result, there are now about a million cars on the world’s roads. There are also negative effects due to the same way that good and bad cars are side by side. The air is polluted by cars. Roads are blocked.

People die. Around the world, 1.24 million people die and 50 million are injured due to traffic accidents. A total of 90 billion hours are lost to drivers worldwide waiting in traffic jams. In cities with many cars, a third of the fuel used by vehicles collectively is spent finding a parking space. One lucky thing for humans is that new technology will make driving safer. The rate of environmental pollution will decrease.

The good news is that the time spent waiting in traffic will be reduced. Today’s smartphones, tablets, Just as laptops can be connected to the Internet, the cars of the future will be connected to the Internet. Then the cars will be able to connect with each other. Automatic traffic control systems will be used to avoid collisions between vehicles, and they will be connected to the city’s traffic control computer network and will be able to bypass congested areas.

The place where you want to park will be connected to the traffic management system and you will be able to park automatically. Radars in cars, Sensors are also used to prevent collisions with people. Can make cars not collide with each other. Finally, there will be a kind of car that will be controlled and driven entirely by a computer system without the need for a human being to drive it at all. Getting Smarter Changes to smart car systems are currently gaining momentum.

Most of the new cars produced today include a computerized collision avoidance system. speed on the highway; It also includes a system that can automatically determine the route. When the car arrives at a parking space, it will be able to automatically park itself, and now every European car produced in the future is required to install a vehicle’s own communication system.

Then the vehicle can be connected to the communication network, and when the sensor in the car detects the crash, it can automatically send the location of the crash to the emergency rescue center and ask for help. ***Frangivento’s Beauty Fish Tank Electric Supercar You May Be Interested in*** Singapore is also developing a smart urban traffic management system that will automatically connect cars to the communication network and bypass traffic jams. Britain is also developing similar smart traffic systems.

By being able to collectively use the above smart traffic control systems, there are dangerous places, The central traffic control system will be able to manage traffic jams so that cars can bypass them. By bypassing the traffic jams, it will save time for those traveling by car, and the traffic will be able to be managed as smoothly as possible so that there are no traffic jams. Cars will also be able to connect multiple vehicles in a row with wireless communication technology, so there will be more vehicles on the road.

The risk of collision will be reduced and the risk will be safer. The development of a smart traffic system depends a lot on the ability of governments to accept and use technology. The European Union is acting as a leading model. Earlier this year, the European Union’s standards-setting body approved the basic requirements for connecting cars and traffic control systems. By being able to specify that, European car manufacturers, Car importers to Europe must complete and manufacture the cars to comply with the regulations.

The European Union will issue a deadline for retrofitting existing cars with systems that will also allow them to receive positioning systems and emergency alerts. International governments also need to emulate that example. Another requirement for internet-connected cars is to upgrade road systems. roads Sensors must be installed in parking areas. However, doing so does not have to cost a lot of money.

By connecting the traffic lights to the central traffic control system, the whole city will benefit from a smoother traffic system. Much cheaper than building new arch bridges, It can be seen that it will be more effective. The faster cars can connect to the smart network, The faster a smart traffic control system can be developed, the less time it will take for people traveling by car to make way for traffic jams.

It will also be possible to reduce the rate of traffic accidents that kill millions of people every year. It will also bring back some refreshment and joy to the society that feels like going by car day by day is becoming boring. From the not-so-distant past to the present, more and more roads were destroyed by cars. Roads are also more closed.

More people die. There was also the criticism that there was more car smoke that pollutes the environment. In the near future, smart cars and smart traffic control systems will solve human dissatisfaction with cars. It will be more pleasant to travel by car. Cars that are designed to go fast will also be able to reverse the meaning of being reversed due to traffic jams. Smarter cars must be relied upon not only as a tool for humans, but also as a companion.