iPhone 12 Pro Max performance worth the price

Slim and attractive premium design; Bright and high resolution OLED display and good sound quality speaker system. fast processor A good camera system for day and night shooting with a long-lasting battery. LiDAR scanner and Mag Safe wireless charging technology support is the advantage of this phone. Screen refresh rate can only support 60Hz; Face ID doesn’t work well when you wear a health mask on your face. The lack of a fingerprint security system and the lack of a charging head and earphones are the weaknesses of this phone. The Apple iPhone 12 series uses the Apple A14 Bionic chip. This 5nm SoC is a six-core processor and is used in conjunction with Qualcomm’s X55 5G modem, so it can use the 5G network. The Apple 4-core GPU system is used for graphics, and last year’s iPhones are more powerful. It has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of data storage, and the new technology called 16 core NPU is said to make AI performance 70 percent higher.

The main function of the A14 Bionic chip is camera quality functions such as Smart HDR 3, Deep Fusion Night mode, This processor is also 20 percent faster than the A13 chip used in the iPhone 11, which makes the best use of Dolby Vision recordings. Another is the LiDAR scanner technology, which can measure distances and create accurate AR 3D objects. Geek Bench 5’s multi-core score of 4240 and AnTuTu 8’s score of 638584 make it the fastest phone in the iPhone series. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is better than iPhone 12 and 12 min for playing games, and it is a phone with stable performance and not much body heat. The highest phone. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is better than iPhone 12 and 12 min for playing games, and it is a phone with stable performance and not much body heat. The highest phone. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is better than iPhone 12 and 12 min for playing games, and it is a phone with stable performance and not much body heat.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has the largest screen size in the iPhone series, but the premium body design lacks thickness. The 7mm ultra-sleek body is slim and the 228g weight is light for a phone with a large screen. The frame around the phone is a steel frame, and the fact that it is a little smooth means that the phone may accidentally fall out of the hand for a phone with a large screen size. The compact and durable body, similar to the design of iPhone 5, is waterproof up to 6 meters underwater, and the front and back surfaces are covered with scratch-resistant glass. The front screen is a screen design with a notch, and the three rear cameras are placed in a rectangular box in the shape of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In the right panel is the power button; volume button in the left panel; silent The button and SIM card slot are installed, and the charging port and speakers are installed in the lower frame. The security system Face ID is installed in the front notch, and this phone does not include a fingerprint system. The phone’s 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED Display supports up to 1284×2778 pixel resolution and supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision technologies. The screen-to-body ratio of the phone is 87.4 percent. The screen’s pixel density is 458 ppi and the screen’s brightness and color saturation are pleasing. The display is a type of display that can support up to 60Hz refresh rate, and I think the screen refresh rate should be higher for a 5G phone.

In the iPhone 12 series, Apple has added an advanced camera system in terms of hardware, and the camera system of the iPhone 12 Pro Max has also been specially created. On the back, like the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, three 12MP cameras are installed, but the hardware technology LiDAR scanner assists AF is incorporated differently in this phone. This technology mainly works to capture natural background blurred portraits. In the main camera, the in-body stabilization system called IBIS, which is commonly used in newly included digital cameras, can support the iPhone 12 Pro Max to vibrate 5,000 times in one second, so that the images are free of vibration.

It will allow you to take snapshots without blur, and the image quality is also good. Ultrawide The camera can also use night mode, and the telephoto camera and 2.5x optical zoom can take pictures, but there is no night mode support for this camera. Portrait night mode can be shot with the main camera, and when shooting like this, the LiDAR Scanner captures the best and fastest image depending on the low-light situation, which is satisfactory. The front 12MP selfie camera is a wide type with an aperture of f/2.2 and can only shoot with dead focus, but the Face ID camera has been created to support the front camera and portrait photography.

The image of the front camera will be able to take satisfactory selfies. The front and rear camera systems can record 4K quality video at 60fps, and the video system also supports EIS + ISIS/OIS technology and also supports Dolby Vision HDR technology. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 3678mAh battery, and the battery system supports fast charging technology for both wired and wireless charging. But the charger will not be included. 14 hours of online use 15 hours of continuous video playback and 21 hours of regular phone calls are impressive for a widescreen phone. If you charge with a 20W fast charging head, you can charge from 0% to 55% in 30 minutes. If you use Mag Safe, you can charge the phone with a 15W wireless charging system, but it will take around 3 hours to fully charge the battery.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is Apple’s most stylish high-quality phone. A premium body design with a large, high-resolution display and a thin and compact body. The top camera and battery performance as well as the 5G network support are particularly attractive to the user. But in the time of Covid-19, when everyone is wearing protective nose and mouth masks, Face ID is not very convenient for security, and this phone does not have a fingerprint system like rival flagship models. For those who want to use a phone with a large screen 6. Produced with a 9-inch OLED display, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is a 5G phone. Another thing is that for those who are going from 11 Pro Max to 12 Pro Max, this phone doesn’t have many differences enough to switch. But the fact that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is Apple’s flagship phone that millions of users buy and use is an undeniable fact.