About Mi 12X and K50 pro, Mi 12X and K50 pro

This Xiaomi Mi 12X looks very small and delicate; Sonny is slightly cheaper. But my advice is to bring a case and be done with it. Either way, you’ll have to bring it sooner or later. Do you bring cover often? This Redmi has a body size of 6.67, a huge 5500mah battery and 67w fast charging; Battery life with the Tianjin 8100 is comparable to the iPhone 13 Promax.

The Xiaomi Mi 12X is a premium flagship with a small 6.28-inch display. Feels good in the hand. 4500mah large battery + 67W fast charging. To be honest, comparing it to the recently released Vivo X Note, I feel that Xiaomi’s stacking has suddenly dropped.

The back design is also worth looking at. The integrated design of Xiaomi Mi 12X is very refreshing. I also like the induction cooker of the Redmi K50, which is quite recognizable. Which machine design do you prefer? By the time I got to the screen, I couldn’t sleep. Redmi can give you a 2K 120Hz Samsung display at this price, and you can’t go wrong at all. A later epic update could support 120Hz DC co-authored by Xiaomi Mi 12X . Not as bad as the K50. Lei Jun Jinfan! I don’t think I need to compare it to taking pictures.

I’m not interested in zooming in on a picture and comparing. in fact, After using it, I feel that the K50’s image is not bad. In my case, Qualified. In general, In this domestic advanced Fire Dragon era in 2022, these two machines are very valuable.

The Snapdragon 870 is still outdated; And the excellent energy consumption ratio of Tianji 8100 may become god U in 2022. The performance of many flagships is ultimately not as good as they are. For me, I don’t need to turn my phone into a launcher for a 5% performance boost. If you’re more concerned about camera phone looks and a rare small screen, the 12X is your best choice. If you are more concerned about strong battery life and 2K120hz and dc dimming, you can also buy the Redmi K50 with your eyes closed. Don’t forget to like and follow if you find it useful. This is the biggest encouragement for me.