How does 5G work? Why is it important?

In today’s presentation, how does 5G work? Why it matters and how it will change the way communication connects the world. 5G is the fifth generation mobile network. In the past, there were 1G 2G 3G 4G generational networks, and 5G is the new global wireless communication standard. 5G is a new network capable of connecting everyone to everything, including devices, objects and devices. 5G technology is very fast data flow rate and the duration of data transfer from source to destination called Latency is also very low. And the massive network capabilities will also increase and bring a lot of new experiences for users. With high efficiency, short time and new efficiency, you will be able to connect with new experiences and new fields.

5G is unique, more efficient in connection with users, and new systems with future-generation experiences. New services can be connected and used at a very fast speed. 5G will bring the entire mobile infrastructure into a new world, transportation, Remote health care farming, It will make statistics safer and more realistic. 5G technology will work with the nature and architecture of highly sophisticated network systems.

The global 5G wireless air communication standard , called 5G New Radio, is a new field not used by 4G. The new antennas will incorporate a multiple input/multiple output technology known as MIMO. MIMO enables the ability to transmit and receive a large number of data at the same time. But 5G technology will not be limited to the 5G New Radio area. It was intended to support a wide range of licensed or unlicensed wireless technology networks. That’s why there will be many choices for users. The nature and architecture of 5G will be platforms that place more emphasis on software than hardware on network operations. Image creation, If 5G technology is used in cloud-based technologies and advanced business processes, it will be faster and smoother and convenient for users anytime and anywhere.

5G networks can create sub-network architectures known as software and network layers, which allow network maintainers to indicate the operational state of the network based on users and devices. 5G supports the enhancement of machine learning (ML). ML is like self-driving cars that can react within seconds. Self-driving cars also need AI, which is called artificial intelligence, even 5G and ML. Automation and the ability to better manage traffic conditions will reduce capital costs and further increase communication. As of now, 5G services are being used in some areas in some countries. The early generation 5G services that are being used are known as (5G nsa), which stands for preliminary 5G technology. This technology is a 5G radio built on top of the current 4G LTE network infrastructure.

5G nsa will be faster than 4G. But very fast and low latencyFor 5G technology, they are focusing on building a 5G sa that can be used freely. The technology will be used sparingly in 2020, and will likely be widely used in 2022. The benefits of 5G technology in 2021 Ultra-fast transmission Transmission speeds can be as fast as 15 gigabits or 20 gigabits per second. That speed is for us to open and view files. It’s fast so you don’t have to wait for applications to be used directly from a distance. mobile phone, As computers and other IT devices can use the cloud more, they will be less dependent on internal memory, and more data will accumulate in the device.

It will also reduce the problems of installing many unnecessary processes. Because you can do it on the cloud. For example, if you have the ability to open a software remotely, you can connect and use the software directly from the cloud without having to download applications to open it. That’s why there is no need to store data in the internal memory of the device you use. If you only get 5G , you will be able to view photos, videos, and other data from the cloud immediately because the transfer rate is so high. Until 5G is available, the time it takes to access data from the cloud on 4G will be 10 times longer than 5G.

Remote tasks can be done in real time because of the low latency of data transfer. Factories control machinery, With statistics and remote transportation, a doctor in one country will be able to advise and discuss therapy in real time on a patient in another country . As all connected devices can communicate in real time, more information can be shared. A home receives real-time information from hundreds of connected devices. Will be able to send. In the case of factories, thousands of items can be connected, and the connection of many such items is a smart city,One reason for the emergence of self-driving cars . For example, placing censors in different places in a city means keeping a close eye on things in the city. If the cars in the city can share activity information with each other, it can increase the livability of the city. In addition, self-driving cars can be connected in many ways, thus reducing the number of accidents. 5G is the network layer it will have the ability to create sub-networks.

Subnetworks help network maintainers manage the network’s operational state based on users and devices. The creation of sub-networks will support the specialized nature of being a part of the network, prioritize connections and provide emergency services to users. Such segmentation can avoid the problem of congestion in mobile networks. virtual world (VR) technology; Augmenting digital images into the outside world (AR) and hybrid (MR) technologies are data-intensive technologies that require very fast internet speeds to make good use of these technologies. While these technologies currently run on 4G.

The next generation of mobile connections will bring great opportunities for businesses using them, such as entertainment and manufacturing. AR is a mobile technology, unlike VR, which is more data-intensive. With 5G , users will be able to enjoy VR from their mobile devices. In addition, 5G can provide good support for Vedio Streams . According to the survey data, 70 percent of YouTube’s total videos are uploaded from mobile devices.

With YouTube being used by streaming platforms on mobile devices, with 5G you will be able to watch high-quality videos with super-fast connections. Most people only watch streaming videos in 360p and 420p. 5GIf so, you can watch with a higher resolution than 720p and 1080p quality. In 2019, Japanese companies experimented with 5G streaming a very clear 8k video . In addition to videos, mobile games will also be able to enjoy new experiences with 5G . Video game makers have also realized the benefits of 5G and are planning to produce more sophisticated and globally connected games. In addition, location-based applications will continue to grow with the benefit of 5G technology. In terms of location, 5G ‘s accuracy is within 1 meter, while 4G’s accuracy is between 10 meters and 100 meters. Because of this, users can display their location more accurately and businesses can serve their customers’ exact locations.