About Android & IOS

Good things to know about Android & IOS The mobile devices we use, Android & IOS , run on some kind of Android or IOS. Android controls 88 percent of the global mobile market, and iOS controls the remaining 12 percent.

The difference between IOS and Android, good information about Android, what is the difference between iOS and android, IOS was created by Apple and can only be used on their own devices such as iPhones and iPads. Because of this, they can control their devices more closely with the mobile apps they download from the IOS App store and maintain their users and market share.

Android was created by Google and its operating system is open-source. This means that Android & IOS device makers (Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc.) can use the Android operating system on their devices. That’s why native IOS apps won’t work on Android devices and the same goes for Android apps. For example, apps such as Instagram and Facebook can be used completely similarly on both devices, but in practice, they are designed completely differently. Android & IOS cat